Synthetic Grass Installations for Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a commercial property in Dallas, you know how costly and time-consuming outdoor property maintenance can be. Weekly gardeners and daily watering are significant expenses that are always necessary to keep natural grass looking green. However, by replacing your existing green space with artificial grass, you can eliminate these costs and maintain a flawless appearance all year long. In fact, there are numerous benefits to replacing your real grass with synthetic grass. Here are several reasons you should consider making the switch to artificial turf for your commercial property.

Impress clients & employees

You want your commercial property to leave a good impression on prospective and existing clients or employees. A clean and well-maintained property is especially important for commercial buildings, and artificial grass is a great way to get a well-maintained appearance with very little actual maintenance. Don’t detract from what your company has to offer with weeds, overgrown grass, and unsightly brown patches. Instead, allow our products’ dual-tone blades to give your green space a full, healthy, and realistic appearance all year round. With a uniform pile height, synthetic grass always looks neat and freshly mowed, even though it never requires any mowing.

Low maintenance & lower bills

Since artificial grass doesn’t require the same regular maintenance that real grass does, the high costs associated with lawn maintenance are virtually eliminated. There’s no need to pay for a gardening or landscaping service since there’s no need to mow or edge the synthetic blades. You also don’t need to water artificial grass to keep it green and healthy, so you can additionally write off the price of costly irrigation systems and exorbitant water bills. Between the significantly lowered water bill and the elimination of maintenance services, artificial grass in your commercial property will begin saving you and your business money right away.

Durability for foot traffic

Our products come in a range of durability options, so we can find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’d prefer luxurious lightweight grass or extremely durable turf, we can match you with a product that suits your property’s expected foot traffic. The range in pile heights and face weights allows you to choose a synthetic grass product that’s durable enough for your needs, so you’ll never have to worry about people walking across the grass and causing dead, brown patches throughout your property. You and your guests can all enjoy uniformly beautiful, green lawn by switching to artificial grass for your commercial space in Dallas.

Some of our most popular commercial turf products include our TigerTurf Diamond Series and Everglade Series. They’re extremely durable to allow for high foot traffic, and they stay beautifully green and lush all year long without sacrificing a realistic appearance. If you’re a property manager or business owner in the Dallas area looking to install artificial grass for your commercial property, look no further than DFW Turf Solutions. Our team of friendly experts can help guide you in purchasing the perfect product for your company’s specific needs. Call us at (940) 365-9165 for a free quote on your next project.

How Much You Save with Artificial Grass

With the Dallas area’s extreme weather changes, local homeowners are looking to artificial grass as a convenient and cost-effective landscaping solution. Through freezing rain or summer heat, synthetic grass lawns stay beautiful and green while eliminating the need for regular watering and maintenance. Although some Dallas residents may be apprehensive about installing artificial grass due to its larger initial investment, installing a synthetic grass lawn will ultimately save you money over the years. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save with artificial grass.

Eliminate Costly Maintenance With Synthetic Grass

Whether you hire a weekly gardener or take care of all of your landscaping yourself, lawn maintenance can be extremely costly. In fact, the average cost for real grass maintenance is over $300 per month, or $3,600 per year, on average. Even without paying for a gardener, the price of supplies such as a lawnmower, gasoline, fertilizer, weed killer, sod, insecticides and more is still hundreds of dollars every year. With artificial grass, all of these costs are entirely eliminated. Synthetic polyethylene turf fibers never grow or brown like real grass, so there’s never any need for mowing, fertilizing, or re-sodding. Save yourself thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to artificial turf today.

Conserve Water & Lower Your Bills

In Dallas, maintaining a lush green lawn can be an extremely difficult task due to the grueling summer heat. Lack of rain also makes it necessary to water your grass almost daily in order to maintain a green and healthy appearance. However, daily watering not only hinders water conservation efforts, but it also causes your water bill to skyrocket. The average homeowner uses more than 150,000 gallons of water a year to water their lawn. At about $0.004 per gallon on average, that adds up to more than $600 a year to water a 700 square foot yard. With artificial grass, watering is never a necessity. While the efficient drainage system makes watering easy, synthetic turf never needs to be watered to maintain its appearance. Make the switch to an evergreen artificial grass lawn and cut your water bill in half.

Increase Property Value With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass isn’t just beneficial when you’re living in the home; it’s also an investment that will pay off when it comes time to sell. On average, synthetic grass lawns yield a return on investment of about 200 percent – more than the average kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodel. Whether this is your forever home or just a quick flip, installing artificial grass in your property can increase its value and be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Every day, more and more Dallas homeowners are realizing the numerous benefits of installing artificial turf in their yards. In addition to enjoying beautiful, perfectly green grass all year long, artificial turf allows you to help the environment while saving money each year. Although there is a higher initial cost with synthetic grass, the return on investment is quick, with the average homeowner making their money back in just two years. If you’re ready to get started with artificial grass installation for your Dallas home, call DFW Turf Solutions today at (940) 365-9165.