7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

Sep 7, 2021 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

If you are planning to renew your old or brand-new yard with grass, you are also probably debating if you need to go for natural grass or artificial grass.

There are numerous disadvantages and advantages of both these types of grass. Still, artificial turf seems to have a slight edge over natural grass, and it’s easy to see why – It works well, it does what it says on the box, and it saves you a lot of effort and time in the long haul.

There are numerous reasons why the artificial lawn industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Let us look at the top seven advantages that make artificial turf a better and wiser solution.

You will never have to mow it.

Though it is evident, the low maintenance factor of getting artificial turf installed cannot be overstated. You will not have to spend your Sundays shackled to a mower. Instead, you will get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of your lawn over a perfect turf.

Golf & Putt-Bring your game

If something looks dirty or messy, a quick spray with a hose should help you sort it out in no time. Some homeowners also use a high-power vacuum cleaner on their artificial turf to maintain its pristine look.

However, professionals from DFW Turf Solutions recommend you have your artificial grass professionally cleaned at least once every year to keep it in its best condition possible.

It looks perfect

During the summer, when natural grass starts yellowing and running out of water, or during the winter, when natural turf starts turning into a mud bath with every fun activity, the artificial turf keeps on giving.

Moreover, if you have pets that like digging up your lawn, artificial turf has the answer. There are specifically engineered artificial turfs for pets that are coarser than other standard artificial turfs.

This means that they are much more resilient to even the most persistent pet paws.

Artificial turf is made to look “more real.”

One of the main issues with using fake stuff in the past was that it looks too good! However, thanks to numerous technological advancements and years of hard work, especially among premium brands, the aim has changed to make it look less than perfect.

Artificial turf nowadays includes a mix of light green, yellow, and dark green colors to give you a much more realistic-looking lawn.

Premium quality turf is also longer than you think. Some types of artificial grass can be as long as 5cm so that it gives you just the right amount of shaggy look and feel of a natural lawn.

It is ideal for outdoor areas where natural grass does not work

If you have previously tried and failed to establish a natural lawn in your garden, then getting artificial grass installed may very well be the ideal solution for you.

Shady gardens, small gardens, high foot traffic can all be heartbreaking to someone trying to perfect a lawn.

Thin and patchy grass will not give you the perfect look you want, and once walked or played on, it is going to disappear altogether.

Fake grass is also ideal for areas where natural grass is not an option at all. Rooftops and balconies may not have enough strength to take turf and soil. Artificial turf, however, is simply perfect for these situations.

Artificial grass can suit all your needs.

Another significant advantage of using artificial turf is that you will get to choose the grass type that fits all your needs. There are various types of artificial turfs to choose from, all built for different purposes.

If you have pets who love to run on grass, pet turf systems are perfect for you. If you have children who need to be safe around the garden, you can get artificial turf with shock-absorbing padding underneath.

Similarly, if you wish to have a putting green, there is a type of artificial turf for you too. Our team from DFW Turf Solutions can provide you with synthetic golf-putting grass, which is as good as the real thing.

You can find a perfect pricing option for your budget.

When it comes to artificial turf, you can find a product to fit just about all sizes of budgets. The most realistic-looking turf is top of the range and is going to cost accordingly. However, you do get what you pay for.

If you feel like you don’t know which one to select, you can always visit our website for some help. Like original grass turf, if artificial turf is not laid on correctly, it will always be wobbly.

We suggest that you should get it right the first time by hiring a professional artificial turf expert to do it for you.

It is also critical for you to ensure that the drainage is working correctly. Even though the turf itself is permeable, the water that runs through it will have to go somewhere, or else it will pool.

Artificial turf is fun.

Patterned grass, grass-covered chairs, colored grass, or grass animals are exciting possibilities for your lawn.

You can even have your designs turned into professional cutouts of different colored grass to better decorate your lawn by choosing artificial grass. With synthetic turf, there are no setbacks, only endless possibilities.

Want to get artificial grass installed in Dallas? Get in touch with DFW Turf Solutions today!

By choosing artificial turf, your dream lawn is just one phone call away. Our team from DFW Turf Solutions promises to provide all DFW home and business owners with high-quality artificial grass, which not only looks great but is also built to last for years to come.

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