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Why Artificial Turf Is Ideal for Dog Kennels

A proper dog kennel or hotel in Dallas needs to provide a healthy and happy environment for its four-legged tenants. Pet owners want to know that their beloved friend will be safe and stress-free while they’re away, and that means having an open area where the dogs can run and play for exercise and stimulation. […]

Return on Investment with Artificial Grass

One of the major concerns for your Dallas home improvement project is the long-term return on investment, or ROI. It’s important that an addition to your home is not only affordable in the immediate sense but that it is also economical and useful for years to come. For example, buying a cheap faucet for your […]

Product Spotlight: Diamond Pro Fescue

Home and business owners around Dallas have increasingly chosen artificial grass as their landscaping solution. If you plan on having a lawn that experiences a lot of foot traffic, consider talking to your installer about Diamond Pro Fescue as your artificial turf solution. Diamond Pro Fescue combines a lush and realistic grass appearance with a […]

Weeds & Artificial Grass

Any Dallas lawn owner knows the irritation and frustration that a patch of weeds can create. You have a broad swathe of pristine green grass accompanied by an ugly splotch of crabgrass ruining a season’s worth of hard work. However, with an artificial grass lawn, weeds are a thing of the past. Common Types of […]

Artificial Turf’s Ultra-Efficient Drainage

Dallas receives heavy rain in the winter, which can cause flooded yards, dead grass, and a host of other issues. That’s why many residents have chosen to switch to artificial grass for their residential landscaping. Its aesthetic and functional benefits make it an obvious choice for areas with drastic weather, such as Dallas. One such […]

How to Care for Artificial Grass in Snowy Weather

Dallas is notorious nationwide for its hot, dry summers. However, residents know that snow is also a possibility during the Dallas winters. Although it’s rare to see a snowstorm, an inch or two during the coldest winter months is a common occurrence. Artificial grass is perfect for Dallas residents because it not only withstands the […]

3 Things to Look for in an Artificial Grass Installer

Although there are many home improvement projects that are simple to DIY, there are other home renovations that are best left to the professionals, such as artificial grass installation. There are many individuals who advocate for DIY installation or will offer their services to you, but it takes a trained and experienced installation professional to […]

Benefits of Artificial Grass for HOAs & Property Managers

Homeowner association board members and property managers throughout the Fort Worth area know the challenge of maintaining the most attractive environment possible during any time of year. A beautiful and well-maintained exterior reminds homeowners and prospective tenants that they live in a good neighborhood that is worth the price they’re paying. However, in the extreme […]

The Best Time of Year to Install Artificial Grass

As the summer starts to come to an end and the whirlwind of fun outdoor activities begins to slow, Dallas residents consider how artificial grass could improve their next summertime. Synthetic grass is the ultimate evergreen landscaping solution since it remains clean, durable, and low maintenance all year long. There’s never a bad time to […]

Artificial Grass Maintenance for Autumn

More Dallas residents are switching to synthetic grass than ever before due to its extremely low maintenance requirements and beautiful evergreen appearance. With no need for regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, and other required lawn maintenance, a synthetic grass yard is the easiest way to have a pristine lawn with virtually no effort. However, some care […]