Artificial Grass Maintenance for Autumn

More Dallas residents are switching to synthetic grass than ever before due to its extremely low maintenance requirements and beautiful evergreen appearance. With no need for regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, and other required lawn maintenance, a synthetic grass yard is the easiest way to have a pristine lawn with virtually no effort. However, some care is required in order to extend the lifespan of your turf and keep it looking as perfect as the day it was installed. Especially in autumn, when the leaves turn and start falling onto your lawn, it’s important to take time to complete these few quick steps to keep your artificial grass lawn beautiful all season long.

Clearing Debris

The easiest way to take care of your synthetic grass is to occasionally pick up large pieces of debris that end up in your yard. Especially in fall, leaves, branches, and other debris may land on your artificial turf lawn, especially if you have a large number of trees or plants. To clear the debris away, it’s recommended that you use a rake to collect them together and remove them from your artificial grass. A plastic or bamboo leaf rake works well, but you can also buy rakes specifically created for use on synthetic turf. Although you may be tempted to use a leaf blower to clear away the area, it’s never recommended to use these as it can disturb the infill. If you must use a shop vac or leaf blower, be sure to use the lowest setting. 


Over time, especially in areas where you have heavy foot traffic, your artificial grass blades can become matted. This occurs more regularly in fall due to rain and the falling of leaves. We recommend cross brushing your artificial grass every month or so in order to fluff up your grass fibers and maintain the upright position of each blade. Always use a brush with synthetic bristles, as brushes with metal or wire bristles can damage your synthetic turf fibers. By brushing your lawn regularly and avoiding matting, you will extend your lawn’s lifespan and cut down on the need for future maintenance or replacement.


While synthetic turf remains evergreen and does not need to be regularly watered like natural grass, it is recommended that you rinse down your artificial grass every so often to clean it of dust, debris, and pet waste. Rainfall is sufficient to clean synthetic grass during the winter and spring, but in autumn and in climates that don’t receive much rain, a quick rinse with the garden hose will work just as well. This should be done about once a week or so, but it is nowhere as extensive as watering a natural grass lawn. There’s no need to run sprinklers for an hour straight, wasting hundreds of gallons. Instead, merely taking a couple of minutes to hose down your synthetic grass and your lawn will be clear of dust and other particles.

All investments require some level of care in order to preserve their value. Artificial grass generally lasts about 20 years depending on use, but this can be extended further with routine maintenance. Although your artificial grass will always remain green, regular rinsing and brushing will keep your synthetic blades fluffy and upright, increasing its aesthetic value. To learn more about artificial grass products and how they can work for your Dallas home, give DFW Turf Solutions a call at (940) 365-9165 today. We’d be happy to help you in any way we can and provide a free estimate at your convenience.

How to Select the Best Artificial Turf Product for Your Home

Artificial grass is beloved by homeowners throughout Dallas for good reason. Not only is it more durable than natural grass, but it also remains perfectly green and pristine all year long, enhancing curb appeal and increasing property value. Although all turf products are equally beautiful, they aren’t all the same. Artificial grass products are available in a variety of colors, heights, densities, and other features that accommodate a range of residential needs. When it comes time to choose which artificial grass product you want to install in your backyard, here are some factors to consider.

Synthetic Grass Face Weight

The face weight of artificial grass products is a measurement of how much the synthetic grass weighs per square yard. This usually indicates the density of the blades within the turf, with a higher face weight correlating to a denser product and a softer feel. The heavier the face weight is, the stronger and more hardwearing it is as well. Face weights often range from about 50 ounces to 90 ounces. A lighter face weight is recommended for homes that want a lush showpiece lawn that will see only light to moderate foot traffic. If you want a synthetic grass lawn that will often be used for running, playing, and hosting events, you may want a product with a heavier face weight so that it is more durable. Choosing the appropriate face weight for your home’s needs is crucial, since choosing a product with too light of a face weight can reduce the lifespan of your artificial grass and compromise its beautiful appearance.

Artificial Turf Pile Height

The term pile height describes the length of the blades that are used in the artificial grass. The shorter the pile height is, the better it is for use in more durable turf products. Longer blades of grass provide a more luxurious look, but they can become matted and unsightly if your lawn is overused. If you want to prioritize a lush appearance over heavy use and durability, then choosing a product with a longer pile height will be the best option for your home. If you have kids, play sports, or own pets, you may want to consider a shorter pile height, since it will require less maintenance in order to avoid a matted appearance.

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

If you want to enjoy a game of golf with the family or practice your short game at home, we have artificial grass putting green products that are specially engineered to replicate the look and feel of professional courses. Synthetic turf putting greens can be completely customized to any size, shape, or terrain, so any space in your home is suitable for installation. We have several different putting products to choose from that come in a range of tones and pile heights, so you can achieve the exact finish you desire. To add a fun, interactive element to your new backyard, consider a custom putting green from DFW.

When considering artificial grass installation for your Dallas home, ensure that you’re choosing a product that is best suited to your needs. We have dozens of synthetic grass styles that we can install in your home, so we can work with you to find the one that’s perfect for your residence. Speak to one of DFW Turf’s expert designers or installers today for more information and to get advice on which artificial turf product we’d recommend. Call us at (940) 365-9165 today for a consultation and free installation estimate.

Artificial Grass vs Natural Grass Lawns

Residents all throughout the Dallas area have made the switch to artificial grass lawns due to its unequaled beauty and low-maintenance benefits. Choosing synthetic turf over natural grass is guaranteed to make your home the envy of the neighborhood, whether you opt for an expansive front lawn, latticed driveway, or custom putting green. If you want to increase your property value, enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, and save hundreds each year on maintenance, choose an artificial grass lawn from DFW Turf Solutions.

Turf’s Amazing Curb Appeal

The number one reason that people choose artificial grass landscaping is due to its evergreen beauty. With synthetic turf, you never have overgrown grass, dead patches, or mud. The synthetic polyethylene material remains at a perfect, consistent height and color all year long, so there’s virtually no maintenance required to preserve its pristine appearance. Our artificial grass products are even created with UV inhibitors that coat each blade and prevent them from fading in the sunlight. Our products incorporate dual-toned blades with brown thatch for an ultra-realistic appearance that will have all of your neighbors wondering how you maintain such a beautiful lawn through any season.

Synthetic Grass is Low Maintenance

Another major benefit of artificial grass is its low maintenance requirements. Natural grass needs to be watered daily, mowed weekly, and regularly treated with chemicals in order to look healthy. With artificial grass, you only need to perform the occasional quick rinse-down to remove dust and a monthly cross-brushing to keep the blades looking fluffy and lush. With artificial grass landscaping, you save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars each year on lawn maintenance. Your water bill with synthetic turf is up to 33 percent lower than that of a homeowner with natural grass, and you’ll help the environment by conserving hundreds of gallons of water every year.

Artificial Turf’s Weather Resistance

Weather of any kind is the enemy of natural grass. If you receive too much rain, your lawn will flood and you’ll need to re-sod the area. If you receive too little rain, you’ll be unable to avoid unsightly dead patches except through excessive watering and a sky-high water bill. With artificial grass, your lawn will look perfect through any weather. All of our artificial grass products are installed with an extremely efficient drainage system that can drain more than 30 inches of water per hour per square yard. Synthetic turf can withstand even the toughest storms without ending up flooded for days or totally destroyed like a natural grass lawn. Additionally, if you receive no rain, your artificial turf will remain evergreen and evenly colored with no watering needed. 

If you want to defeat the Dallas weather once and for all, artificial grass installation will keep your home looking pristine through any time of year. Our installation experts will work closely with you to make your landscaping dreams a reality, no matter what size yard you have to work with. To discuss what options are available to you or to receive a free synthetic grass installation estimate, give DFW Turf Solutions a call today (940) 365-9165. 

Improve Your Golf Game with a Synthetic Grass Putting Green

DFW Turf Solutions provides artificial grass putting solutions for homes, businesses, and golf courses all over the Dallas area. With a custom putting green in your own backyard, you can improve your golf game whenever you’d like and enjoy hours of family fun. Our putting greens are completely customizable, so we can create the perfect putting green for any size, shape, terrain, or player level needed. We’ll design your artificial turf golf course precisely the way you like it, so you can bring your putting dreams to life with DFW Turf.

Practice at Your Convenience

DFW has multiple artificial grass varieties that are specifically created for use on putting greens. A range of blade tones and pile heights will give you the exact finish you desire, so we can customize the course to your needs. Our putting green products are made with a texturized nylon material that offers enhanced durability and consistency when playing, but they perfectly replicate the look and feel of a real grass putting green. Our artificial grass products also feature UV inhibitors that prevent your turf from fading in the sunlight, even years after installation. We’re so confident in the quality of our products, we even offer an 8-year warranty on all of our putting green artificial grass products.

No Yard Is Too Big or Small

Synthetic grass putting greens are the perfect solution for awkwardly-shaped areas of your yard such as a hilled area or narrow side yard. Custom putting greens can be installed to fit any size, shape, or terrain you have to work with, so the design possibilities are virtually endless. We can incorporate features such as contours, bunkers, and tiers to create a realistic and professional putting experience, and our synthetic turf options always simulate the roll and feel of a professional course. Whether you’re a professional golfer or just looking for some family fun, you’ll love having a custom putting green in the comfort of your own home.

Accessories for a Putting Paradise

Take your putting green to the next level and impress all of your guests with artificial grass putting green accessories. From aluminum cups to lighted poles and flags, you can make your putting green as realistic as possible with DFW Turf. 

If you want to turn your Dallas backyard into a golfer’s oasis, call DFW Turf Solutions for an artificial grass putting green installation. Our team of expert designers will work with you one-on-one in order to bring your imagination to life and create the custom putting green you’ve always dreamed of. Improve your short game from the comfort of your own home or create fun for the whole family with an artificial grass putting green. To find out more about the options available or to receive a free installation estimate, give us a call today at (940) 365-9165.

Pet Products for Your Synthetic Turf Installation

If you have pets running around your Dallas home, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy lawn as a pet owner. From brown patches to mud holes, there’s a vast array of problems that can harm either your lawn or your pet. However, with pet-safe artificial grass landscaping, you can keep your lawn evergreen while keeping your pet happy and healthy. Here are a few of the pet products we advise incorporating in your artificial grass installation in order to keep your yard looking beautiful year-round.


Efficient drainage is an essential part of synthetic turf installation, especially where pets are involved. Having an advanced drainage system incorporated into your installation will not only ensure that your artificial grass remains dry, but it will also keep your turf clean and odor-free where pet waste is concerned. Drain Core drainage systems are cellular ½-inch polyethylene drainage mats installed underneath the pet turf. They can collect and transport up to 16 gallons of water per minute, so your turf can stand up to any weather or pet waste problem. The efficient drainage of these liquids, such as dog urine, will both extend your synthetic turf’s lifespan and help keep your yard clean and sanitary.

Zeolite Max

Zeolite Max is an all-natural grass deodorizer. It’s an organic infill that helps eliminate pet odors while simultaneously cooling your synthetic grass fibers for added comfort. Zeolite Max absorbs bacteria found in animal urine and prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, which in turn prevents it from creating an odor. Installing Zeolite Max on top of and within the artificial grass fibers will give you the best results.


Durafill is a non-absorbent, antimicrobial infill that can withstand harsh elements such as pet urine to keep your artificial grass looking as good as new. Durafill’s antimicrobial properties stop the growth of spores and harmful bacteria, which protects your artificial grass from stains, odors, and deterioration. With no zinc, lead, heavy metals, or other harsh irritants, it’s a completely safe solution for homes with pets or children.

Pet Fresh

Pet Fresh is an as-needed organic spray concentrate that eliminates pet odors quickly. You can spray it as needed over your artificial grass to eliminate odors and keep your turf sanitized and smelling fresh. The environmentally-friendly formula is safe for pets and kids, so you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals damaging your new artificial grass lawn. Keep it looking clean and smelling fresh all year long.

From one-time installation products like Drain Core and Zeolite Max to as-needed upkeep accessories like Pet Fresh, there are many products available to keep your artificial grass in top condition. DFW Turf would be happy to consult with you and recommend synthetic turf products that are best suited for your Dallas home and furry friends. For more information or to schedule a free artificial grass installation estimate, give us a call at (940) 365-9165.

Back to School Landscaping with Artificial Grass

While students throughout Texas are out of school for the summer, many districts are performing maintenance and renovations on their schools in order to enhance their children’s experience and performance in school come September. One way in which many schools are improving their students’ time outdoors is through the installation of artificial grass. Artificial grass is ideal for playgrounds, landscaping, athletic fields and more. It allows students to stay safe, happy, and healthy while saving districts time and money on regular upkeep.

Synthetic Turf Play Areas

One of the biggest concerns that schools have regarding their students is safety. DFW Turf Solutions understands this, which is why we recommend artificial grass for school play areas specifically. Artificial grass is specially engineered to be safe for kids and protect them from scrapes and falls. All of our play area synthetic turf products are IPEMA-certified and meet or exceed all standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. We install all playground synthetic turf with eco-friendly foam padding that maintains GMax scores, so you can rest assured that our products are some of the safest and most durable landscaping options available for kids. Our playground installations also feature antimicrobial infill which prevents bacteria growth and can keep students protected from harmful substances that would otherwise be spread with natural grass. This infill also further cushions the artificial grass and keeps grass blades upright, aiding in injury protection and student comfort. With a soft touch and natural appearance, artificial grass will keep your school playgrounds looking beautiful year-round while keeping germs at bay and keeping your kids healthy and safe every day.

Artificial Grass Sports Fields

DFW Turf’s artificial grass products are also perfect for school athletic fields due to their extremely high durability. School fields can often become brown and patchy during the summer heat, and winter storms inevitably result in flooded or muddy fields that make playing impossible. With synthetic turf installation, your school can leave all of those worries behind. Artificial grass is evergreen, extremely durable, and specially designed to withstand high amounts of foot traffic. It can endure hours of students’ running without ever becoming brown, patchy, or dead. It also includes an ultra-efficient drainage system that drains water at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard, so the rainy season is never a problem. You’ll never experience any mud or flooded grass surfaces with synthetic turf, so your students can run and play to their heart’s content, regardless of the weather. Whether you’re a small elementary school or a Division 1 high school with full-size stadiums, DFW Turf can accommodate any project’s needs. We offer premium installs of artificial grass products with a range of pile heights and face weights, so we can choose a synthetic turf option that fully meets your requirements. Achieve a perfectly maintained and functional athletic field all year long with artificial grass installation from DFW Turf.

With superior aesthetics, performance, and safety features to real grass, synthetic turf is the natural choice for Texas schools. With no need for daily watering or regular maintenance, school districts can save thousands of dollars each year, allowing them to put more money toward the improvement of each child’s education. If you want to get started saving money and improving the appearance of your schools today, call DFW Turf Solutions at (940) 365-9165. Our expert team would be happy to work with you and help you create the perfect landscaping solution for your school district.

The Benefits of TigerCool for Summer

There are few places in the US with more excruciating summers than Texas. Residents know that when the full force of the summer heat descends, you’ll do anything you can to stay as cool as possible. However, you’ll still want to go outside and enjoy the fun that summer has to offer. With artificial grass for your home, you can create a backyard oasis where you can have fun and make the most of the sunshine without overheating. With our bestselling products’ innovative temperature-control technology, TigerCool, you’ll never have to worry about the summer heat ruining your outdoor fun again.

Several of the bestselling TigerTurf products here at DFW Turf Solutions feature the latest innovations available for artificial grass, including first-of-its-kind TigerCool temperature-control technology. In early variations of artificial grass, temperatures on the grass’ surface could often reach more than 175 degrees. Not only is this uncomfortable for you to walk on, but it also poses a health hazard for your small children and pets. However, after years of extensive research and development, TigerTurf has revolutionized the synthetic turf industry with temperature-control technology built into their bestselling artificial grass products. 

TigerCool utilizes heat-reflective color pigments and UV inhibitors that are able to reduce surface temperatures by up to 15 percent. Normally, grass absorbs infrared sunlight and transforms it into heat. Dark colors, like those used in standard artificial grass blades, absorb the most infrared light, causing a high level of heat buildup and raising surface temperatures dramatically. However, with heat-reflective dark color pigments such as those used in TigerCool products, infrared light is reflected rather than absorbed. This results in a lower heat buildup than normal and, therefore, a lower overall temperature. In a series of tests conducted by TigerTurf, it was indicated that TigerCool technology was able to successfully reduce artificial grass temperatures by 15 percent, or up to 10 degrees. TigerCool makes summer outdoor time safer and more comfortable for you and your family, so you can enjoy your backyard for as long as you desire.

TigerCool is used throughout two of our bestselling TigerTurf product lines – the Diamond series and the Marquee series. Both of these artificial grass product lines cover a wide variety of project needs, ranging from light to heavy foot traffic. Pile heights range from 1.75 inches to 1.875 inches, and face weights vary from 60 ounces to 75 ounces. All of our products are lead-free, non-toxic, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly, so you can be worry-free with artificial grass all year long.

If you want to prepare for the summer heat with TigerCool artificial grass, we at DFW Turf Solutions would be happy to assist you with all of your design and installation needs. Give us a call at (940) 365-9165 for a free consultation on your artificial grass installation today.

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Artificial Grass This Summer

When the weather heats up in Dallas, there’s no better way to take advantage than to get outside and enjoy the summer with your friends and family. With artificial grass, you can enjoy all the fun of a backyard paradise without the stress of lawn maintenance and water usage. Incorporate fun backyard features that will encourage hours of play, or create a relaxing environment that will allow you to chill out and cool down. If you need some synthetic turf landscaping inspiration, here are four ways you can enjoy your artificial grass this summer.

Custom Putting Greens

Get outside and enjoy the summer breeze with a relaxing round of putting practice. Whether you want some mini golf family fun or professional training, a custom putting green in your home is the perfect summertime activity. We offer complete artificial grass custom putting greens that can be installed in any shape or area of your yard. If you have a small side yard or awkwardly-shaped area, a customized synthetic turf putting green is the perfect fit – literally! We can incorporate various contours, bunkers, and tiers, and finish everything off with aluminum cups for a truly realistic effect. Create hours of relaxing fun with a custom artificial grass putting green courtesy of DFW Turf.

Poolside Oasis

Artificial grass makes the perfect poolside landscaping material thanks to its durability and highly-efficient drainage system. Avoid the excessive heat and slipping danger that can be caused by concrete or brick. Instead, opt for synthetic grass pool decking, which provides traction and remains cooler than other materials. Its polyethylene material and drainage system mean that it won’t get waterlogged and matted like natural grass, and its synthetic nature will prevent grass blades and other debris from getting tracked into your pool. Create the ultimate poolside paradise with artificial grass for your backyard.

In-Ground Tramplining

When the kids need to get all of their energy out, a backyard trampoline is a great tool. Artificial grass makes installing one easier than ever, with many of the disadvantages of the in-ground variety eliminated thanks to turf’s durability and drainage. Since the trampoline unit is underground, proper drainage is necessary to prevent rusting and deterioration over time. While installing this drainage system is a costly endeavor with natural grass, artificial grass comes with market-leading, ultra-efficient drainage systems that drain over 30 inches of water per hour per square foot. The durability and synthetic nature of artificial grass also make it ideal for in-ground trampolines as there’s no risk of killing the surrounding grass. The installation process can normally cause the surrounding natural grass to become brown and patchy, but artificial grass will remain evergreen and lush without a water supply and despite roughhousing. Maintain the aesthetics of your yard while incorporating safe and fun activities for the kids by installing an in-ground trampoline in your synthetic turf backyard.

Playground Fun

If you want to create a playground in your backyard, there’s no better solution than IPEMA-certified artificial grass play systems. Our synthetic grass play area turf is padded to absorb shock and prevent injury from falls, so your little ones can run and jump to their heart’s content while you have peace of mind. Our synthetic turf’s non-abrasive surface protects from scrapes and scratches, while the polyethylene material and anti-microbial infill mean that you no longer need to worry about mud, grass stains, or splinters. Play area turf is extremely durable, so it can withstand continuous running and play without resulting in breakage or brown patches. Let your kids enjoy all of the beautiful weather this Dallas summer has to offer by installing play area artificial grass in your home today.

With synthetic turf’s versatility and durability, you can create virtually endless landscaping possibilities and make the most of the Dallas summer right in your own backyard. Keep yourself, your friends, and your family entertained all year long with a wide range of fun and interactive activities you can create with quality artificial grass installation from DFW Turf Solutions. If you’re ready to transform your yard into a summer paradise, call DFW Turf at (940) 365-9165. One of our expert team members would be happy to provide you with more information and a free estimate for your next project.

Synthetic Grass Installations for Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a commercial property in Dallas, you know how costly and time-consuming outdoor property maintenance can be. Weekly gardeners and daily watering are significant expenses that are always necessary to keep natural grass looking green. However, by replacing your existing green space with artificial grass, you can eliminate these costs and maintain a flawless appearance all year long. In fact, there are numerous benefits to replacing your real grass with synthetic grass. Here are several reasons you should consider making the switch to artificial turf for your commercial property.

Impress clients & employees

You want your commercial property to leave a good impression on prospective and existing clients or employees. A clean and well-maintained property is especially important for commercial buildings, and artificial grass is a great way to get a well-maintained appearance with very little actual maintenance. Don’t detract from what your company has to offer with weeds, overgrown grass, and unsightly brown patches. Instead, allow our products’ dual-tone blades to give your green space a full, healthy, and realistic appearance all year round. With a uniform pile height, synthetic grass always looks neat and freshly mowed, even though it never requires any mowing.

Low maintenance & lower bills

Since artificial grass doesn’t require the same regular maintenance that real grass does, the high costs associated with lawn maintenance are virtually eliminated. There’s no need to pay for a gardening or landscaping service since there’s no need to mow or edge the synthetic blades. You also don’t need to water artificial grass to keep it green and healthy, so you can additionally write off the price of costly irrigation systems and exorbitant water bills. Between the significantly lowered water bill and the elimination of maintenance services, artificial grass in your commercial property will begin saving you and your business money right away.

Durability for foot traffic

Our products come in a range of durability options, so we can find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you’d prefer luxurious lightweight grass or extremely durable turf, we can match you with a product that suits your property’s expected foot traffic. The range in pile heights and face weights allows you to choose a synthetic grass product that’s durable enough for your needs, so you’ll never have to worry about people walking across the grass and causing dead, brown patches throughout your property. You and your guests can all enjoy uniformly beautiful, green lawn by switching to artificial grass for your commercial space in Dallas.

Some of our most popular commercial turf products include our TigerTurf Diamond Series and Everglade Series. They’re extremely durable to allow for high foot traffic, and they stay beautifully green and lush all year long without sacrificing a realistic appearance. If you’re a property manager or business owner in the Dallas area looking to install artificial grass for your commercial property, look no further than DFW Turf Solutions. Our team of friendly experts can help guide you in purchasing the perfect product for your company’s specific needs. Call us at (940) 365-9165 for a free quote on your next project.

How Much You Save with Artificial Grass

With the Dallas area’s extreme weather changes, local homeowners are looking to artificial grass as a convenient and cost-effective landscaping solution. Through freezing rain or summer heat, synthetic grass lawns stay beautiful and green while eliminating the need for regular watering and maintenance. Although some Dallas residents may be apprehensive about installing artificial grass due to its larger initial investment, installing a synthetic grass lawn will ultimately save you money over the years. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save with artificial grass.

Eliminate Costly Maintenance With Synthetic Grass

Whether you hire a weekly gardener or take care of all of your landscaping yourself, lawn maintenance can be extremely costly. In fact, the average cost for real grass maintenance is over $300 per month, or $3,600 per year, on average. Even without paying for a gardener, the price of supplies such as a lawnmower, gasoline, fertilizer, weed killer, sod, insecticides and more is still hundreds of dollars every year. With artificial grass, all of these costs are entirely eliminated. Synthetic polyethylene turf fibers never grow or brown like real grass, so there’s never any need for mowing, fertilizing, or re-sodding. Save yourself thousands of dollars a year by making the switch to artificial turf today.

Conserve Water & Lower Your Bills

In Dallas, maintaining a lush green lawn can be an extremely difficult task due to the grueling summer heat. Lack of rain also makes it necessary to water your grass almost daily in order to maintain a green and healthy appearance. However, daily watering not only hinders water conservation efforts, but it also causes your water bill to skyrocket. The average homeowner uses more than 150,000 gallons of water a year to water their lawn. At about $0.004 per gallon on average, that adds up to more than $600 a year to water a 700 square foot yard. With artificial grass, watering is never a necessity. While the efficient drainage system makes watering easy, synthetic turf never needs to be watered to maintain its appearance. Make the switch to an evergreen artificial grass lawn and cut your water bill in half.

Increase Property Value With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass isn’t just beneficial when you’re living in the home; it’s also an investment that will pay off when it comes time to sell. On average, synthetic grass lawns yield a return on investment of about 200 percent – more than the average kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodel. Whether this is your forever home or just a quick flip, installing artificial grass in your property can increase its value and be a worthwhile investment for the future.

Every day, more and more Dallas homeowners are realizing the numerous benefits of installing artificial turf in their yards. In addition to enjoying beautiful, perfectly green grass all year long, artificial turf allows you to help the environment while saving money each year. Although there is a higher initial cost with synthetic grass, the return on investment is quick, with the average homeowner making their money back in just two years. If you’re ready to get started with artificial grass installation for your Dallas home, call DFW Turf Solutions today at (940) 365-9165.