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No Upfront Costs
All of DFW Turf’s artificial turf projects are installed with zero down / no upfront costs to you. You only pay upon project completion. Artificial turf is installed +- $7.00 per square foot. The minimum job size starts at $2,500.

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Turf Calculator – Economy Turf

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Typical Installation Costs
Minimum job size is $2,500.
Turf is installed +- $7.00 per square foot.

Artificial Turf – Economy Turf Natural Turf
per sq. ft. $6.30 to $7.00 $2.00 and up
Initial Installation Costs starting at $2,500 starting at $768
Try our Turf Calculator to Calculate Your Savings
DFW Turf is an eco-friendly way to save on the yearly costs of installing and maintaining natural sod. For example, if you add up the costs of natural sod installation, fertilizer, mowing costs, sprinkler system repairs, and watering costs, Artificial Turf is the clear winner. Your average Return on Investment or Break-Even point will be around 5 years after installing artificial turf, vs planting and maintaining natural grass. In other words, DFW Turf’s Artificial Turf or synthetic grass products will pay for themselves after 5 years, on average.

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