An outdoor solution for multiple types of pets – Our synthetic turf is easy to clean, non-absorbent and drains easily and quickly. The infill used with this turf controls and prevents pet waste odors. Its feel and shape remains intact with “W” memory short pile that looks like real grass. Our products are found in pet resorts, pet hotels and dark parks.

Pet Systems in Dallas


Our Pet Turf solution is designed specifically for heavy to moderate traffic. Both large and small pets are what this type of synthetic turf is designed for. It is made up of green yarns that are prominent to common types of grass with lighter green colors mixed in to provide a real appearance.


  • Color: Field Green/Lime Green with Brown Thatch
  • Face Weight: 65 Ounces per Square Yard
  • Pile Height: 1.00 Inches
  • Yarn Type: Polyethylene Monofilament with Thatch
  • Traffic Use: Moderate to Heavy
  • Denier: 9,000/4,500
  • Machine Gauge: 3/8


Our 1.00 inch pile, infilled polyethylene monofilament is specific for landscape turf applications.

It will have the same appearance and feel of real grass mowed at a 1.00 inch height.

It provides greater seam strength and durability with formulated polyurethane coated backing that is not water soluble. It will not fade from sunlight since it is UV stabilized and is heat and frost resistant. Our turf has no harmful environmental effects and is not flammable.