Turf Services in Dallas

DFW Turf Solutions is one of the leading providers and installers of synthetic grass in Dallas. Be it a sports field or a golf range, a small patch in the yard or a wide lawn, our range of eco-friendly, durable and low-maintenance artificial grass products are suitable for any lifestyle and application.


DFW Turf Solutions installs artificial turf products designed for landscape applications, including Riviera Pro, Everglade Spring Light, Everglade Fescue Pro, Diamond Pro Spring, Marquee Pro Natural, and Majestic Pro.

These turf products are specially-engineered to imitate the natural appearance of lush and verdant grass, with its tall blade and green or olive hues. They are suitable for residential and commercial landscape of any size, as they are highly durable, low-maintenance, and heat and frost resistant.

Pet Systems

We all love our furry friends! And we know how much they love playing and running around the yard. Give your pets a clean, safe and comfortable space with our pet-friendly artificial grass.

Pet Turf is a one-inch pile, polyethylene monofilament with thatch construction designed specifically for landscape applications. It replicates the exact feel of grass, can stand moderate to heavy traffic, and have no harmful effects, which makes it a perfect surface for your pets and kids to play.

Golf and Putting Greens

DFW Turf Solutions offers a variety of products that are suitable for golf ranges and putting greens. Our artificial golf turf products, True Putt and Nylon Putt 2-Tone, are designed to achieve the natural appearance of grass. They contain high-quality, pest and heat-resistant infill, and textured nylon or polyethylene surface – the ideal requirement for putting greens.

Play Areas

Play areas and outdoor living spaces should have a clean and comfortable surface. Our range of thin pile artificial turf achieves the soft and lush feel of healthy grass, making lying down and running barefoot on the surface safe and fun.

Our play turf grass options are ideal for public and private playgrounds and for families who spend plenty of time in the backyard. Parents can have their peace of mind, knowing that their yard is chemical-free, heat-resistant and relaxing.

DFW Turf Solutions is your trusted provider of high-quality artificial grass in Dallas. Explore our products or get in touch with us to understand our services better.

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