Imagine a Dallas green lawn year round! DFW Turf Solutions is an experienced Dallas synthetic turf provider and installer. Homeowners and businesses in and around the Dallas and Frisco area are installing synthetic grass products more and more because they look and feel like real grass. Imagine a lawn that stays green all year long, requires little to no watering, and minimal maintenance. Forget paying someone to mow your lawn or having to do it yourself.

We offer synthetic turf solutions for businesses, residential homeowners, apartments, urban living communities and assisted living facilities.  Our products could not be more environmentally friendly.  Our synthetic grass solutions contain no harmful traces of lead are 100% recyclable. Contact us today for a free analysis of your property and specific needs.

Synthetic Turf Products in Frisco, TX

  • Has a real grass feel
  • Thick and soft
  • Polyethylene fiber
  • UV inhibitors prevents color fading
  • More durable than real grass