We offer a perfect solution for our kid’s playgrounds that is safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful all year long. DFW Turf Solutions offers synthetic grass solutions for a variety of Children’s play areas that include backyards, school play grounds, parks as well as athletic venues.

Children and even adults can run, play and jump on our worry-free artificial turf products. DFW Turf Solutions high-end synthetic turfs don’t leave scratches or abrasions caused by falling on asphalt or even real grass. Mud and grass stains are a thing of the past as well. Our synthetic turf does not cause splinters or stick to children’s clothing like mulch and wood chips. Our turf also repels insects.

Our exclusive synthetic Tiger Turf is perfect for all types of outdoor enjoyment made from polyethylene fibers which contain no heavy metals or lead. It will absorb shock more so than natural grass preventing injuries and requires very little to no maintenance. Our Synthetic Grass products result in more time for outdoor play since it is maintenance free saving you money as well as time.

  • A play area lawn that remains safe, green and weed free
  • Can be installed to meet fall-height and ADA standards to prevent injuries
  • Hypo-allergenic, repels insects and non-abrasive
  • Long lasting and extremely durable
  • Drains efficiently increasing play time after rains