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Why Upgrade To Synthetic Grass In Carrollton?

Your home’s backyard is a place for comfort and relaxation. Installing artificial turf in Carrollton is one of the best ways to get more out of your space. A synthetic lawn can save your wallet on yearly maintenance costs. No more headaches of weekly mowing, fertilizing, and fixing pesky brown spots from your pets.

At DFW Turf Solutions, we strive to make your yard something to be proud of. Whether it is for your pets, your kids, or simply creating your golf green oasis, we have you covered.

Artificial Grass Is Highly Versatile

Having artificial grass installed on your yard opens the door to endless possibilities. The turf options we offer are great for putting greens, play areas, and for pets. They vary in color and texture, so you’ll find the perfect artificial turf for your home or business. Whether you want an outdoor play area for your children, or a golfer’s retreat in your yard, you’ll find what you need with DFW Turf Solutions.

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A Synthetic Lawn Gives You Back Your Time!

When DFW Turf Solutions was founded, we strove to better our water conservation efforts in the Carrollton and greater DFW area. Artificial grass is a great landscaping solution for households that want to work towards water conservation. Artificial turf doesn’t need to be watered, which saves thousands of gallons of water every year. In addition to saving water, having artificial grass installed also cuts down on a lot of maintenance and yardwork. If you’re interested in having beautiful, inexpensive artificial turf installed on your yard, contact DFW Turf Solutions!

Artificial turf will be one of the best upgrades to your home or commercial space. With nearly zero maintenance, you can finally spend your time enjoying your yard instead of fixing it.

What are the Benefits
of Installing Synthetic Turf?

Artificial turf has a variety of benefits over traditional grass applications, with little to no maintenance saving you time and money.


Low Maintenance

Artificial grass offers many economic benefits. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf does not require costly lawn care and maintenance, such as irrigation, mowing, and fertilization. We provide only the most low-maintenance artificial grass for Carrolton homeowners and businesses.


Artificial grass is a highly flexible material that is suitable for any lifestyle and numerous applications. From sports field turf to golf putting greens, from landscaping to pet runs, our products can adapt to and withstand any environment.


Our products are 100% recyclable and don’t contain harmful traces of lead. Maintaining real grass for landscaping wastes precious water and uses harmful pesticides and fertilizers to keep them green and thick, not to mention the emissions spewed by gas-powered lawn mowers. Artificial grass stays green without the need for these harmful means of lawn care.


Synthetic turf grass is made from polyethylene fiber, which mimics the feel and look of real grass. Our products are engineered to be thicker, smoother and cleaner to optimize comfort and performance. Our products are highly durable and can withstand foot traffic for many years, which makes it a smart landscaping investment.

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