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Here at DFW Turf Solutions, we offer a perfect solution for playgrounds that are safe, environmentally friendly and beautiful all year long. DFW Turf Solutions offers synthetic grass solutions for a variety of children’s play areas that include backyards, school playgrounds, parks as well as athletic venues. Children and adults alike, can run play and jump on our artificial turf products worry-free.


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Peace Of Mind For You

When playing, kids can often be overly-rambunctious and not careful enough, resulting in falls and other playground accidents. With DFW Turf Solutions’ play area turf, you can feel confident that your kids will remain safe and injury-free while enjoying themselves.

Our synthetic grass includes non-abrasive surfaces that don’t leave scrapes or scratches like those caused by falling on asphalt or even real grass. Our durable, child-friendly grass is also installed on top of a layer of padding that absorbs shock and prevents your kids from injuries caused by falls. With artificial turf, you don’t even need to worry about annoyances like mud stains, grass stains, or wood chip splinters. Be worry-free and enjoy the playground as much as your children with DFW Turf Solutions’ range of play area turf.

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Professional  Installation

DFW Turf Solutions is a trusted artificial lawn installer in Dallas dedicated to transforming residential and commercial landscapes, one project at a time. In addition to our high-quality products, we take pride in our unique installation services. Using specialized tools and polished techniques, we can transform a barren piece of land into a lush and livable space.

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Fun For The Kids

Our play area turf solutions offer a variety of features that maximize playtime for your children. Even after a rainy day, your kids can get right back outside to enjoy their playground because of our advanced and highly efficient drainage system. Our drainage system can collect and transport over 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard, so muddy lawns and fields are a thing of the past. Our turf is also hypo-allergenic and repels insects, so your kids can focus on their tag and ball games instead of getting muddy and having runny noses.

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Turf Solutions For Your Family

Our DFW Turf Solutions play area synthetic grass is the perfect solution for backyards, school playgrounds, parks, or athletic fields. Our high-end artificial turfs include a range of features that keep your kids safe in a way that natural grass can’t. Padding to cushion falls, non-abrasive surfaces to prevent scratches, and hypo-allergenic materials all protect your kids – all while looking natural and lush. The synthetic turf we use is extremely low-maintenance, so there’s more time for playing and no need for worrying

What are the Benefits
of Installing Artificial Turf?

Safe For Your Children

Artificial playground turf is specifically designed for all types of play.

Extremely Durable

High-traffic playgrounds are no match for the durability and reliability of artificial turf.

Minimal Maintenance

No more spring and fall fertilization or constant watering. Save time and money maintaining your backyard.

Perfect For Playgrounds

Say goodbye to rocks everywhere and hello to clean, easy-to-maintain playground quality turf.

Hypo Allergenic & Non Abrasive

Great for kids of all ages. Crawling or walking on artificial turf is safe on the skin.

No Mud, No Mess

No matter the season or weather, artificial turf stays green and clean all year. Perfect for at-home playgrounds and daycares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have golf related questions about artificial turf. We answer some common questions below.

How Easy Is It To Clean?

Cleaning synthetic turf is easy! Leaf blowers work great to remove any leaves during fall and a quick spray with a hose helps rid your artificial grass of any lingering pet odors

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

The artificial turf we use is backed by a 15-year product warranty from the turf manufacturer. Artificial grass can last more than 20 years if cared for properly

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

While artificial grass can get slightly hotter than natural grass on very hot days, the turf remains safe to use as it does not get nearly as hot as concrete or other materials that become hazardous in the heat. Advances in artificial grass technology over the past 10 years has significantly improved its’ ability to stay cool. Selecting a high-quality synthetic grass and more heat-resistant infill materials can help prevent your turf from getting too hot during the summer months.

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15 Year Warranty


We stand behind the products we use to bring you the best quality of artificial turf on the market. These industry-leading brands offer a 15-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees repair or replacement if your turf develops covered problems. We carry multiple levels of insurance and warranties with every installation so that you can be as worry-free as possible.

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