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Synthetic Grass In Richardson, TX?

If you want a lush and beautiful yard that replicates the look and feel of real grass and is installed to the highest standard, look no further than DFW Turf Solutions.

We are proud to serve Richardson and the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of Richardson residents since our founding. We provide exceptional customer service alongside our industry-leading installs because our local community’s satisfaction is our top priority.

Build Your Dream Backyard With Artificial Turf.

The popularity of synthetic turf has increased exponentially over the past few years due to its low-maintenance nature and quick ROI. The ability to eliminate landscaping costs and drastically reduce your water bill means that the cost of installation is recuperated in just two years on average.

Additionally, with artificial grass, you no longer need to spend time or money mowing, trimming, fertilizing, or otherwise maintaining your Richardson lawn. Enjoy a perfectly green lawn all year round while saving significant time and money by making the switch to artificial grass today, courtesy of DFW Turf Solutions.

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Richardson Synthetic Turf Lawn Solutions

Whether you want a durable sports field, intricate landscaping designs, practical commercial turf, or anything in between, DFW Turf Solutions can provide you with the perfect install for your needs.

The vast array of available products and installation techniques make artificial grass a remarkably versatile landscaping option that is guaranteed to suit any Richardson home or business. Our highly-trained installers can make any dream a reality; just give us a call today to consult with a professional and receive a free estimate.

What are the Benefits
of Installing Synthetic Turf?

Artificial turf has a variety of benefits over traditional grass applications, with little to no maintenance saving you time and money.


Low Maintenance

Artificial grass offers many economic benefits. Unlike real grass, synthetic turf does not require costly lawn care and maintenance, such as irrigation, mowing, and fertilization. We provide only the most low-maintenance artificial grass for Richardson homeowners and businesses.


Artificial grass is a highly flexible material that is suitable for any lifestyle and numerous applications. From sports field turf to golf putting greens, from landscaping to pet runs, our products can adapt to and withstand any environment.


Our products are 100% recyclable and don’t contain harmful traces of lead. Maintaining real grass for landscaping wastes precious water and uses harmful pesticides and fertilizers to keep them green and thick, not to mention the emissions spewed by gas-powered lawn mowers. Artificial grass stays green without the need for these harmful means of lawn care.


Synthetic turf grass is made from polyethylene fiber, which mimics the feel and look of real grass. Our products are engineered to be thicker, smoother and cleaner to optimize comfort and performance. Our products are highly durable and can withstand foot traffic for many years, which makes it a smart landscaping investment.

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