Imperial Fescue Light

A perfectly manicured lawn has never been easier to achieve! Everlast Turf Imperial Fescue Light artificial grass is the ideal landscape alternative if you want to save water, time and money!

Imperial Fescue Light is specifically designed to withstand light to moderate foot traffic and features both field and olive green grass blade color tones. The mini “W” grass blade shape was incorporated for maximum durability and is safe for children and pets to play all day! In addition to a perfectly shaped grass blade, this turf also features U.V. inhibitors that are incorporated during the manufacturing process, so you artificial turf will not fade, no matter the amount of sunshine!

This turf features the strongest turf backing in the industry as each grass blade is triple reinforced through proprietary tuft bind technology. In addition to its incredible strength, Imperial Fescue Light’s turf backing is also perforated for maximum drainage. Liquids such as water, pet urine as well as life’s thrills and spills can be easily cleaned up with a spray of the hose!

Backed by our 15 year warranty, Imperial Fescue synthetic grass guarantees to save you time, water and money for years to come! A flawless outdoor lawn has never been easier to maintain!


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Product Specifications

Yarn Characteristics

Type: Monofilament PE with Thatch
Composition / Structure: Polyethylene
Denier: 8,800 / 3,300
Colors: Field Green / Olive Green

Manufactured Rolls

Width: 15 Feet
Length: 100 Feet
Shipping Weight: 843 lbs*
Roll Diameter: 24 Inches
Total Product Weight: Approximately 75 Ounces per Square Yard

Backing Characteristics

Composition / Structure: 13 Pic
Weight: 3.5 Ounces Per Square Yard
Finish Coating: Polyurethane 20 Ounces Per Square Yard*
Composition / Structure: 15 Pic
Weight: 3.5 Ounces per Square Yard
Tuft Bind: 10+ Pounds

Turf Characteristics

Pile / Face Weight: Approx. 42 Ounces
Pile Height: Approx. 1.50 Inches
Machine Guage: 1/2 Inch
Thatch Color: Brown Thatch

Particulate Infill

Type: Quality Infill
Weight: 1.5-2.5 Pounds per Square Foot*
Height: Approimately 0.5-0.75 Inches
Colors: Green, Black or Natural


Additional Information:

RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE: Rinse and groom as needed to limit matting.

DRAINAGE RATE: 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard.

SYNTHETIC GRASS WAREHOUSE cares about environmental issues and only produces products certified as lead free and free of dioxin emissions.

MATTING DISCLAIMER: Synthetic grass, by the nature of the composition will have some matting possibilities. It’s important to discuss the level of use with your installer to ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your needs. Matting is not covered under the warranty.

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