Artificial Turf’s Ultra-Efficient Drainage

Dec 19, 2019 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

Dallas receives heavy rain in the winter, which can cause flooded yards, dead grass, and a host of other issues. That’s why many residents have chosen to switch to artificial grass for their residential landscaping. Its aesthetic and functional benefits make it an obvious choice for areas with drastic weather, such as Dallas. One such functional benefit of synthetic turf is its highly efficient drainage system. By utilizing a geocell drainage grid that has unparalleled efficiency, you can keep your lawn dry and beautifully green all year long, regardless of how severe the stormy weather is. 

The Function of Synthetic Grass Drainage

Our synthetic turf products are installed with an advanced geocell drainage grid underlayer that creates a one-inch air void underneath your turf. It elevates the artificial turf in order to allow air to circulate and water to drain through rapidly. Our drainage grids are made from 10 percent recycled copolymer, which allows it to withstand extreme temperatures with sacrificing performance. No matter how hot or cold, your turf will always drain just as efficiently as the day it was installed, with proper care and maintenance. Creating that extra pocket of space between the turf and the concrete underneath allows pet waste and other bacteria to be flushed away with unparalleled efficiency. This keeps your lawn constantly clean and sanitary for every member of your family to enjoy. 

Drainage Rates are Perfect for Pet Turf

Whether you have a kennel, a dog park, or just a home with pets, synthetic turf’s 100 percentage vertical drainage capabilities make it the perfect outdoor landscaping solution. Both liquid and solid pet waste remnants can be easily washed away thanks to the air void underneath the turf, so the area can be kept odor-free and sanitized. You can also easily install a flushing system for increased drainage capabilities if need be. This system is low-cost and is an easy DIY project. You can utilize any available water source and inexpensive PVC piping in order to elevate your turf’s drainage rates even further. With the remarkable drainage capabilities of our artificial grass products, you can keep any animal areas clean and odor-free for all to enjoy.

Artificial Grass Drainage for Athletic Facilities

Synthetic turf is the ideal landscaping solution for playgrounds, sports fields, and athletic facilities. It’s used by commercial facilities and professional sports teams alike due to its uniform shock absorbency and 100% vertical drainage. The ultra-efficient drainage capabilities help any field stay completely dry, so you don’t have to worry about having a game rained out again. Synthetic turf’s drainage helps minimize water and mud-related injuries while keeping the area more free from bacteria and surface mold. Avoided flooded fields and muddy games with artificial turf’s superior drainage rates.

If you’re a Dallas resident looking for a water-wise landscaping solution for your residential or commercial project, artificial grass is a perfect choice. Even during the biggest Dallas storms, you don’t need to worry about flooding or re-sodding. Keep your grass beautiful and functional all year long with turf’s incredible drainage system. To find out more about which synthetic grass products would be suit your next project, give DFW Turf Solutions a call at (940) 365-9165. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. 

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