Utilize Artificial Play Turf on the School Playgrounds

Sep 8, 2021 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

There is nothing better than the great outdoors and the fresh air to inspire fun amongst everyone, kids or adults alike. A critical part of having such great outdoor activity is an enjoyable, clean place to do it.

Using artificial turf for recreational areas such as children’s playgrounds offer numerous benefits to everyone who enjoys such regions.

Artificial grass is perfect if you are looking for an eco-friendly way to cover recreational surfaces that gives you a long-lasting result.


Numerous advantages suggest you are making the right choice by using artificial turf for your upcoming recreational project. Let’s look at four top benefits.

Artificial grass is soft for use in a school playground

All public playgrounds need to meet the set requirements to minimize the overall risk of injuries and falls. Your choice in ground cover plays a critical role in meeting these requirements and keeping everybody who uses the services a little bit safer.

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Based on these requirements, natural grass is often not acceptable as a ground cover under playground equipment.

It tends to be very hard and does not absorb the shock of falls, leading to even more severe injuries. A good quality ground cover should help you absorb the shock of a fall which helps lessen the impact.

Artificial turf can help you meet these safety requirements when appropriately installed without having to give up on the natural look of grass. Synthetic turf offers a cushiony spring that helps absorb any shock while minimizing the severity of a fall.

Sand, wood chips, and other loose ground cover meet all safety requirements when professionally applied in a thick layer. Nevertheless, the flexible quality of these covers means that they will not necessarily stay in one place.

With time, the material can get blown away, become compacted, or get pushed around by children playing in it.

Professionals from DFW Turf Solutions can help you tackle these issues effortlessly, thanks to years of experience in the field. Remember, the artificial surfacing can help you significantly cut down the chance of a life-threatening injury.

No more scraped knees 

Fall injuries are not the only way children can get hurt on the playground. Cuts and scrapes on coarse sand and other rough surfaces can ruin an otherwise fun trip within a matter of minutes.

Artificial playground turf tends to be easier on the skin when compared to gravel, wood chips, and other fillers used under most playground equipment.

It is soft and feels similar to regular grass, so children will not have to deal with scraped elbows and knees if they trip and fall.

Moreover, children can roll around and play on the grass without feeling itchy or getting pieces stuck on their skin. Artificial turf also puts significantly less stress on joints when pets or kids play and run on the surface.

Cleaner playing field 

Artificial grass for the playground also lets your children enjoy a great outdoor activity without being covered in dirt. Unlike the usual grass, synthetic turf enables you and your kids to play without having to deal with the messy dirt and mud when you roll around on it.

Another ground cover like sand tends to leave children covered in grime and earth, and parents often stress about children putting these materials in their mouths.

You will also not have to deal with any grass or dirt stains on your children’s clothes. Thanks to artificial turfs, kids can now play however they want without getting messy. You can eliminate the formation of puddles in the playing field, resulting in soaking wet and muddy clothes.

The clean factor is also helpful if your pets play in the areas. Owners can bring their pets to the park knowing that they will not end up covered in mud. This makes for a much cleaner ride home without any paw prints inside the vehicle.

Long-lasting durability 

Artificial turf for playgrounds can take a lot of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. All products offered by DFW Turf Solutions are made using durable nylon fibers that can handle tough usage effortlessly.

Unlike natural grass that remains squashed after you step on it, these nylon fibers help artificial grass to spring back right away without any difficulty.

Synthetic turf tends to last much longer than other playing surfaces, including pour-in-place surfaces. This means that you will save a lot of money in the long run by investing in artificial turf for your next project.

Where can you use artificial turf?

Synthetic grass can be helpful in almost all types of recreational areas. It is safe for both pets and kids, so it can easily fit into all kinds of public recreational settings and commercial properties that cater to such crowds. Any place where you would typically use grass, you could use artificial turf instead.

Depending on the type of turf you choose, some turfs can also go under playground equipment to provide you with additional security.

Our team from DFW Turf Solutions will ensure the product is rated for the height of the equipment to help you choose the perfect material.

Get in touch with DFW Turf Solutions to start your artificial turf project today!

The benefits of using artificial grass are countless, whether you are planning to create a safe area for kids to play, renew your green space, or launching a dog park.

Get in touch with DFW Turf Solutions for any additional information if you plan to install artificial turf in Dallas.

Are you looking for premium quality artificial grass for a children’s play area? Our team from DFW Turf Solutions understands the importance of using high-quality artificial turf to create a reliable, safe, and long-lasting recreation or play area. Give us a call at 940-310-3263, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.We serve communities in and around Dallas, Addison, Highland Park, University Park, Richardson, Garland, Fort Worth, Westlake, Southlake, Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Celina, Prosper, Melissa, Grand Prairie and Carrollton.

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