Can weeds grow through artificial grass?

Sep 29, 2020 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

Weed growth is rarely a problem since high-quality turf guarantees that no weeds may penetrate and work up through its complex woven-fiber backing. But, technically saying, some rigid types of weeds can still poke through your artificial grass.

If weed shows through, most people simply pull these out or spray a mild weed killer. But this isn’t a long-lasting solution. And you must ensure that this aspect is taken care of well in advance. So instead of dealing with weed problems at a later stage, take measures beforehand to restrict its presence in the first place.

weeds and artificial turf

To answer, “can weed grow through artificial grass” – yes, weed growth through artificial grass is inevitable. However, it is easily preventable. Solution? A few tips may come in handy besides the fact that you must hire professionals, so they install a membrane at the bottom of the grass to kill and prevent weed growth.

Experts at DFW Turf Solutions explain more details on this topic. So keep reading further …


One of the ultimate benefits of synthetic turf, in addition to its durability and looks, is that these are designed to remain highly resistant to weeds. The backing is super strong, so it doesn’t allow weed to spike through the main turf, but weed growth may occur occasionally.

If the turf is manufactured and installed correctly, the weed can’t grow through the soil. But it is challenging to tackle all of the weed root systems, which makes it wiggle through the top surface.

Installing grass on top of an unleveled and unkempt concrete base may cause weeds to grow from the cracks or the edges. Surely a concrete base helps ward off many common turf installation problems, but you must hire an expert who can resurface the concrete before installing the grass to prevent weed growth.

Certain kinds of infill materials also allow for weeds to germinate. However, weeds that grow in the infill do not root underneath the artificial grass. And if the infill doesn’t support the growth of weeds, you won’t see any weed growth in your grass.

Furthermore, irregular maintenance, along with using low-quality grass, gives weeds underneath more access to waterfewer levels to penetratenutritional support, and less tightly woven backing. All of these factors create favorable conditions for weeds to thrive.

When you choose to use artificial grass from DFW Turf Solutions for your lawn or any other space, be rest assured, you won’t have to remove any weeds. Our synthetic grass is far more low maintenance and resistant to several external elements. But not all grass types can assure that you won’t find weeds growing through in the long run. What one can guarantee is a process that deploys the right preventive measures to restrict the possibility of forming grass in or around the grass. At DFW Turf Solutions, we take charge of providing you both the best quality artificial grass as well as excellent installation and maintenance.


Synthetic grass doesn’t necessitate watering, mowing, or any other laborious, costly, and environmentally-damaging upkeep like natural grass.

However, regular maintenance must be on your to-do list to keep the turf weed-free. Doing this will keep the turf looking green, upright, fresh, and like-new. But it is the initial installation that matters the most.

As a general rule, artificial turf doesn’t support the growth of natural plant life. So you’d primarily be seeing weed growth due to improper installation. If you want to not deal with this menace, make sure the installation is correct.

At DFW Turf Solutions, a qualified and experienced installation team guarantees you a precise installation to prevent any weed from infiltrating. We do undertake the necessary pre, during, and post-installation measures to combat weed growth.

Surface Prep

We excavate the area to remove all surface weed and spray a weed killer. The base material is then added, which acts as an additional layer to make it difficult for the weeds to make their way upwards.

Weed Barrier

This is the most crucial step, although optional, but holds importance to restrict weed growth, and we certainly recommend having the barrier affixed. It works alongside the base to block out weeds.


The backing quality impacts how well it will allow for weeds to not spike into the grass. This backing is that one final layer that acts against weed growth on the artificial grass.


Weeds may notoriously sprout from the edges of the grass. But our installer pays careful attention to seal these off tightly, so you don’t have to deal with weed growing here and there.


Once the correct installation is complete, there’s quite a bit you can do from your end. Here are a few actionable suggestions to ensure your grass remains nice and clean:


Brush (synthetic bristled and not metallic ones) the grass regularly to remove any airborne seeds or dust, and this will stop the weeds from popping through the grass.


Prune and trim any overhanging trees or hedges you may have on the property to stop the accumulation of leaves and stay on top of weeds. You may also use a leaf blower once or twice every few days.


Well, you don’t have to do this quite often – three to four times annually is sufficient to keep weed growth at bay. But make sure to use the one that doesn’t damage the blades of the grass in the long run, and it’ll keep the space looking perfect throughout.


There are tons of other reasons that help support the germination of weeds poking right into the grass. For example, there may be some source of moisture leading to dampness and excessive weed growth. Nearby hardscape may also be stirring up seeds or dirt, casting these in your way. Thus, an expert can better help you judge the appropriate solutions for these pesky weeds.

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