What is the best artificial grass?

Apr 30, 2020 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

Although there is no substitute for real grass in gardens, still artificial grass is a viable alternative option for small gardens and lawns with children and pets. Artificial grass is pricey to install but remains green no matter how extreme the weather is.  It can take heavy traffic and requires less maintenance once it is installed.  The best artificial grass is hard to distinguish from the real one from a distance.

One of the benefits of fake grass is it relieves you from taking too much care of your garden or lawn. You no longer have to give constant attention. Natural grass is susceptible to diseases that will force you to devote time, money, and attention. You need to put in the effort to fight off the diseases to maintain the health of your lawn.  Another advantage is you will have no weeds in your garden. You will also save money as you will not be using any fertilizers or pesticides. Synthetic grass does not invite pests. So, there is no need for pesticides.

There are a lot of varieties of artificial grass available in the market. Choosing one of the best ones can be a tough task for you.  The following information will help you in deciding which artificial grass you should install in your garden or lawn.

Different types of artificial grassbest Artificial grass Turf

Nylon artificial grass – Nylon artificial grass is a good option for your garden if you have children and pets at home. They are better protected against weather as compared to other types of fake grass.

Polypropylene artificial grass –Polypropylene artificial grass is the cheapest of all types of artificial grass. And it is the least durable too. You can think of installing this grass in small spots than in large areas.

Polyethylene artificial grass –Polyethylene artificial grass is a good option if you are tight on budget. It has a natural look and texture. It is soft to touch just like the real grass.

What features do the best artificial grass have?

While buying artificial grass, you should consider two things. One is the color and the other is the finish. Many think that fake grass is only available in dark- green color. They are mistaken here. They are available in various tones. You will find them in various heights to blend with your garden or lawn. It is always recommended to research colors thoroughly and ask for samples of different materials to make sure they blend with your needs. You should also consider researching different grass finishes too. Some of these strands are held straight by brushing a fine layer of sand into the pile. You may require to renew the sand annually and the strands may need to be brushed often to keep the strands upright. Apart from considering color and finish, you should also consider how easy is it to install, clean, and maintain them.  You should check the heat resistance of the artificial grass too.

Keep the above points in mind when you are buying artificial grass for your garden. The best fake grass for your garden is the one that suits your needs, taste, budget, and garden. It is not that difficult to search for a professional synthetic grass company for the best varieties. Take the help of the Internet to find out the best synthetic grass installers in Dallas. You can virtually walk through their product catalog to know about their stock and pricing. Researching more will help you shortlist companies that are reliable and cost-effective.

At DFW Turf Solutions, we have some of the best varieties of artificial grass from the best brands. You will find products from various top brands like Everlast, Pet Systems, Putting Green, TigerCool and TigerTurf.  We also have fake grass for different traffic levels. We have everything, for heavy, moderate and light traffic.  We have lawn turf, golf turf, pet turf and specialty turf too.  You will get every type of best artificial grass under one roof.

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