Return on Investment with Artificial Grass

Feb 7, 2020 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

One of the major concerns for your Dallas home improvement project is the long-term return on investment, or ROI. It’s important that an addition to your home is not only affordable in the immediate sense but that it is also economical and useful for years to come. For example, buying a cheap faucet for your sink can save you money up-front, only to cost even more in the long run when it breaks down and floods your kitchen. When it comes to exterior renovation and landscaping, an artificial grass lawn can be an excellent long-term investment in terms of both time and money. 

artificial grass vs natural grass

While installation costs are always a concern, most of the cost of a lawn will come from its long-term maintenance requirements. This is where the differences between natural and synthetic grass become evident. A natural grass lawn needs to be mowed, watered, weeded, fertilized, and treated with pesticides, all of which add additional costs over the years. And this is assuming that everything works as planned! If your lawn’s irrigation system fails, it could potentially cost hundreds of dollars more to fix. A synthetic turf lawn, on the other hand, just needs to be power-broomed bi-annually and occasionally rinsed off with a typical garden hose to wash dirt and debris away. 

Let’s compare the long-term costs for an artificial turf lawn versus one made of natural grass. A turf grass lawn that is 350 square feet large will cost roughly $90 over the course of the year to maintain. Meanwhile, a natural grass lawn will cost roughly $250 a year for watering, $1200 for landscape maintenance, and $200 for fertilizer, for a total of $1,650 for just one year! The upfront installation cost of an artificial grass lawn is typically higher, it’s true, but the long-term financial ROI on synthetic turf is undeniable. 

The second major ROI for artificial grass is time. The average American lawn-owner spends roughly 70 hours a year working on their lawn, mowing, trimming, weeding, and performing other maintenance activities. That’s 70 hours that could be better spent actually enjoying your lawn, whether that means playing fetch with the dog or hosting an evening party. With an artificial grass lawn, you don’t have to spend whole weekends on making it look good year-round. 

Lastly, while this already factors into the cost-saving aspects that artificial grass provides, turf’s water-saving features bear repeating. The population of Texas is only expected to increase in the future, meaning more homes will need more water to quench their thirst. Given the droughts that this state has gone through in the past, it’s important that every Texan does what he or she can to conserve our most precious resource. This makes turf an investment not just for your home, but for our whole state as well. 

If you’re a Dallas resident in need of a landscaping solution that promises a high return on investment, a new turf grass lawn could be a perfect choice. With a synthetic grass lawn from DFW Turf Solutions, you’ll spend less time and money on maintaining it and more time actually enjoying your beautiful landscape. If you’d like to learn more about our turf solutions, give us a call at (940) 365-9165 for a free estimate.

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