Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

Dec 7, 2022 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass is an ideal choice for property owners who want to cut down the costs of maintaining their yard, but many have concerns about how hot it can become during the summer months.

If you are planning to install artificial grass in your yard you may also ask common questions like “does artificial grass get hot” and “is it safe for my pets and family.”

We will discuss what you can expect from your artificial lawn and help answer some faqs.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

Yes, artificial grass does get hotter than regular grass. There is no denying the fact that natural grass stays cooler because the water within it keeps natural grass cooler even on hot days.

Although a synthetic lawn does get hotter than natural grass in direct sunlight, its relative temperature is still much cooler than other common backyard features like paving stones, decking, and concrete.

Plus there are many simple ways to keep your artificial grass cool throughout the summer creating a comfortable space which we will explore in a moment.

does artificial grass get hot

How Hot Does Artificial Grass Get?

The temperature of artificial grass is highly dependent on the outside temperature, the type of turf, and how much direct heat the lawn gets. Many turf manufacturers say that turf on average stays between 10f – 30f hotter than regular grass. This is much cooler than concrete, pavers or rocks during hot summer months.

Is There Artificial Turf That Doesn’t Get Hot?

All types of synthetic turf will be on average hotter than regular grass, however, some turf products are better at deflecting heat than others. Products such as TigerCool have a number of benefits and can stay considerably cooler than other types of synthetic turf.

Certain turf products offered by DFW Turf Solutions are specialty-engineered with cooling qualities that allow the turf to stay considerably cooler than other types of synthetic turf.

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Is Artificial Grass Too Hot For Pets?

In most cases, artificial grass is completely safe for pets and is one of the best alternatives to real grass with a fraction of the maintenance.

At DFW Turf Solutions we have special-grade pet turf designed for durability and to maintain the lowest temperatures possible. This provides an ideal environment for your pets that can stay considerably cooler than other turf options.

If you are still concerned about the temperature of the grass on really hot days, you can allow your dog to play in a more shaded area or do some of the following steps to cool your turf.

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How Do I Keep My Artificial Grass Cool?

As mentioned, while it gets hot during the summer, it is a rare situation that it will become uncomfortable to use artificial grass. If you install good quality synthetic grass, you will never complain about it getting too hot during summer. Should you find that your fake grass is getting too hot, you can do many things to cool the area.

Here are just a few helpful tips:


You will find a variety of grades of artificial grass on the market. They are made up of different materials, ranging from high to low-quality. It is obvious that top-grade fake grass will perform better as compared to low quality grass.

Good quality grass will lose absorbed heat much faster than the rest. So, if you want to enjoy the cooler surface, you should invest in top quality artificial grass.


You might be aware that infill performs a lot of functions and choosing the right material for infill will play a major role in how nicely the artificial grass performs in terms of cooling. The different infill materials used are crumb rubber, silica rubber and durafill sand. Crumb rubber absorbs more heat and will take more time to lose heat.

On the other hand, the sand options do not absorb too much heat and lose heat much faster. So, choosing sand options as the infill material is a great choice to reduce heat levels. You should also ask for professional advice in selecting the right infill material for installing artificial grass.

DFW Turf Solutions will provide you with the professional advice that you need.

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