5 Reasons Your Dog Will Enjoy Artificial Turf

May 19, 2021 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

Amongst many other greatest joys in the world, being a dog owner stands on number one for people who have pets at home. There is a powerful bond that exists between you and your dog. Each moment spent with them and each memory made makes your dog much more than a mere pet – they are your family. This is what makes it vital for you to consider their joys and sorrows at all times. One thing that adds to the pet’s comfort and that happy playtime is them being out and about, soaking under the sun, playing on grass, and rolling in the mud. But as much fun as this is for your dog, it may not be too appealing to you for various reasons.

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Natural grass is hard to clean and maintain, being the primary reason. Thus, artificial turf is something your pet will thank you for. It has numerous benefits for your pets and is an excellent alternative to having a natural lawn. It is a low to no maintenance grass that also requires no mowing – just a squirt of hose every week (or as needed) keeps it fresh and clean. Besides, turf is gentle and kind to your dogs. Most dog owners are now joining the bandwagon and installing turf for the sake of their pets. If you have pets and need a cost-effective alternative to your natural yard, try installing the DFW Turf Solutions synthetic grass. Yet not convinced? Check out these five great reasons and make an informed choice.


Grass allergies are for real with dogs and other pets. The reaction may be topical, but it can cause your dog to lick and itch or scratch excessively in one or more spots. Dogs allergic to grass may also develop watery eyes, runny nose, and itchy throat. These symptoms with your dog may be less pronounced than in humans. So what can you do if your pet dog is allergic to a natural grass lawn? Besides a vet’s advice and checkup, get an artificial lawn installed, and your dog will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. Synthetic grass is easy to clean and maintain and does not hold as many contaminants as natural grass to keep your dog free from sensitivities.


With natural lawns, grass becomes a breeding ground for ticks, bugs, fleas, and other pests. These can also be unwanted passengers getting inside the property through your pets. It eventually leads to problems for your pet and all other occupants. Fortunately, pests are not too thrilled to breed on synthetic turf lawns. Having an artificial lawn means no pest infestation and no unwanted guests on the property. Moreover, you will not need any pesticides to keep your yard free from annoying critters.


The most significant benefit besides being allergen-free is the way turf feels. Your dogs will not be able to distinguish natural grass from our manufactured greens. Turf feels soft and fantastic for dogs to play. It is also an excellent product in kennels, pet hotels, resorts, or dog parks. We have a pet turf system specifically designed for both moderate and heavy use by homeowners and businesses for small and large dogs. The product feels authentic, needs minimal maintenance, has no color fading, and is more durable than a real grass lawn.

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Dogs love digging. It is something each one of them enjoys doing. With an adequate installation, dogs cannot dig through synthetic turf or get themselves dirty. TigerTurf Pet & Play by DFW Turf Solutions offers better durability, superior drainage, softness, and absorption to make the best product for your pet. Some dogs seriously destroy a natural lawn with all that digging, but there is no chance your pet can dig through and damage the landscaping if you have turf.


In winters or during rains, your home or business lawn becomes a no-go territory as it gets mushy, snowy, and damp. With synthetic grass, you do not have to think about all those obstacles. Turf is easy to clean, looks and feels pleasant, and stays durable all year long, no matter the weather conditions. Its drainage system prevents puddles on the surface and keeps your dog playing throughout the time without worrying about injuries or muddy ground.

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10 out of 10 pet owners in Dallas and Fort Worth trust the DFW Turf Solutions team for their pet turf needs. If you are looking for a reliable and lasting solution, you can count on us. Our turf products come with many benefits and make your pet’s outdoor time more enjoyable. We offer eco-friendly grass options that reduce your time in cleaning and maintaining your yard. Besides, no pests would thrive on the grass, no dirty paws coming inside the property, no more digging, and even urinated areas will become easy to clean and drain.

So, if you are anywhere in or around DallasFort WorthAddisonPlanoHighland ParkFriscoUniversity ParkRichardsonGarlandWestlakeSouthlakeMcKinneyCelinaProsperMelissaGrand Prairie, and Carrollton, get in touch with us for better assistance. Consider having turf for your beloved pooch and make the green space safe and playful for them. We are available at 940-310-3263, or you can also write to us online, and a DFW Turf Solutions specialist will get back to you with an appropriate plan of action.

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