What is the Best Artificial Grass for a Putting Green?

Sep 7, 2021 | Artificial Grass, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Synthetic Grass

All industries are growing rapidly by utilizing the latest techniques to produce new-age products with multiple uses and benefits.

Just like the advancements we see in other sectors, there have also been many advancements in the artificial grass sector.

We can see that artificial grass is being produced a lot to provide home and business owners with long-term environmental benefits.

This industry is evolving at a much faster pace than expected, with numerous advancements each year. This type of artificial grass is not just beneficial for your private property but can also be helpful for the environment around you.

In urban areas, where the temperature is increasing day by day due to the ever-increasing population and use of transport, artificial turf can help you give back to mother nature.

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Artificial grass is perfect for areas that do not receive enough rainfall since it is almost impossible that natural grass can grow and flourish in these areas. Unlike naturally growing grass, artificial grass does not require regular maintenance and time to grow.

Artificial grass does not need any amount of water, so it is considered one of the smarter choices you can make to maintain the temperature of your building while positively affecting the surrounding environment.

One of the most popular use cases for an artificial lawn is to create a putting green. And why not?

Golf greens require specialized types of grass to provide players with the necessary flexibility and ball roll, and that is why professionals from DFW Turf Solutions offer you multiple types of artificial turfs designed specially to meet all these standards.


Artificial grass designed for your lawn is not the same as the grass that you would use for your putting greens. Even golf-special artificial turf tends to be different from one another.

Each type of professionally crafted artificial turf provides you with amazingly realistic performance depending on its purpose.

When it comes to putting surfaces, bentgrass with short blades is the most common choice amongst people. Textured grass works perfectly in all areas, whether you are strictly a professional player or a casual player.

Slit-film-style artificial grass tends to mimic natural grass that you can find on golf courses. These types of grass have their blades trimmed off along the top, which helps produce the same effect as mower-trimmed natural grass. Most professional golfers like this type of grass as it allows you to practice better at a tournament level.

Fringe grass is tall and straight. If you wish to, our professionals from DFW Turf Solutions can install fringe grass around your putting greens to help you practice both putting as well as chipping.

We can provide you with high-quality artificial grass that not just functions like regular grass but also looks great.

A professional company can also provide you with grass specifically made for Tee Boxes, helping you further expand the skill-improvement value of your putting green.


The infill can help you keep your grass blade upright while maintaining resilience. The type of infill material used can also affect the ball speed and control for numerous kinds of strokes.

Sand mixtures and sand are standard – the smaller your grain size, the lesser it will interfere with the control and speed of the ball.

As the name suggests, low infill requires less volume, allowing the ball to roll smoothly without veering or bouncing off. Low-infill turf is also an excellent choice for croquet and bocce courts.

Even though you can use infill with textured artificial grass, sand is the most popular choice amongst golfers.


Not only can our professionals help you find the perfect artificial grass fit for your style of play, but we also give you the option to custom design your entire green to better fit your play preferences.

Without growing or mowing your grass, you get to choose any shape of terrain fluctuations that you seem fit. Moreover, you will not have to worry about having any soggy spots on your field anymore.

By investing your hard-earned money into artificial grass, you can now improve your property’s monetary value and aesthetics while improving your short game.


Besides selecting the perfect artificial grass and the ideal infill for your requirements, you need to keep in mind that hiring a professional for your installation is essential since they help you get the best results.

By hiring an experienced and skillful crew, you can improve the quality of any artificial grass installation project.


Here, at DFW Turf Solutions, our team can help you find the perfect putting grass for you! We offer all home and business owners living in the DFW area with a wide array of artificial grass products.

All our products offer unparalleled realism, and our professionals will ensure that you get the most for your investment.

Following the latest trends in artificial grass technology, all our synthetic turf provides users with a perfect solution to shade issues, watering restrictions, and dead grass.

Moreover, by getting an artificial grass lawn installed, you will be eliminating the need for expensive fertilizers and pesticides as well as mowing effortlessly.

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